Antoine Tavan

Born in 1749, Antoine Tavan was raised in France before joining Geneva in 1763 to develop and enhance his watchmaking skills. In 1805, he creates for the Melly brothers – Geneva Manufacturers – twelve different exhausts. Three of them are directly modified by Antoine Tavan who improves both their design and technicality.
In 1818, the “Société des Arts” from Geneva launches a competition rewarding the best chronograph. The timekeeper needed to be accurate enough not to gain or lose more than three seconds in 24 hours, even with temperature (+/- 25 degrees Celsius) and position variations. Antoine Tavan easily won the contest and the gold award, including 800 florins.
In 1824, he co-founds the “École de Blanc” foundation, that later became the world famous watchmaking school of Geneva.

Arts & Crafts

Antoine Tavan 1805 is anchored in the world of fine watchmaking and independent creative horology with unique and timeless pieces hand-made especially for you. Our goal is to continue the tradition and know-how of this exceptional watchmaker by creating unique watches especially designed to achieve uncompromising quality, combining rigor and technical perfection.

The creations of Antoine Tavan are favoring the craftsmanship and the art of fine watchmaking for over two centuries. Our brand ensure you the purchase of high quality watches completely hand drawn and hand made. Every single element is here hand-cut, sculpted and assembled by one single person. The results are watches respecting the highest Swiss watchmaking traditions.

You can be from now on the owner of a unique timekeeper built with passion without using any machine.